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Plein-air pastel drawings from my travels around the U.S. and beyond!



What better way to show off your love for art, than by wearing it!



These tiny paintings are inspired by those who have influenced me. They are the little pieces that make me who I am.

Meet theCreative


Cody is a multifaceted artist working in mediums from pastels to paints, graphic design to film. His dream is to roam the globe, drawing, painting, learning, and living. He sees art, not only in the art we hang on our walls, but the clothes we wear, and the way we present ourselves to the world.

On his hands, tattooed, are the words, "Create to Inspire, Inspire to Create." These are the words he lives by, and interprets as such: "To create can mean many things. These words are not my mantra, if you will, to make everyone creative and artistic, but my purpose to inspire people to create the lives they want for themselves, and in turn, create the life I want for myself."

((There are artist statements, on each of the gallery pages, specific to each of Cody's bodies of work))


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